diy fleece beanie

DIY Fleece Beanie


1.       Make a pattern- Start by measuring the circumference of your head with your measuring tape. Draw a line the same distance on your construction paper. At both ends of your initial line draw perpendicular lines parallel to one another measuring 8-10 inches. Finish the pattern by connecting the open ends of the new lines with four equal distanced semi circles. This completes your pattern. Cut it out and pin it flat to the fleece fabric.

2.       Copy pattern to fabric- Using your fabric pencil lightly trace the pattern shape to the fabric underneath and cut it out.

3.       Sew- Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew the open ends of the fabric together starting at the initial line and finishing at the top of the first semicircle. 

4.Now your project will begin to take form and you will notice that all the semicircles meet in the center. Sew the adjacent sides together. Once the top of the hat is done fold a one inch flange at the bottom of the beanie. 

Now you have a new Beanie!


If you have any questions about these directions please give us a call and we'll walk you though it :)


         Required Materials


         Fleece Fabric

         Measuring tape

         Construction Paper


         Fabric Pencil

         Sewing Machine



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DIY Fleece Beanie

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